Fri, Feb 23, 2018
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30% of the population avoids going to the dentist because of dental phobia.  Dental phobias prevent people from receiving regular dental care, which potentially creates health issues.  Nearly 37,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year.  Early detection is the key to survival.  Regular exams and cleanings help increase your odds of earlier detection.

You should Consider dental sedation if:

  • You experience excessive gagging reflex during procedures
  • Your mouth/teeth are hard to numb
  • You have a large amount or complex dental work, which normally requires 6 to 8 visits, can be completed in as little as one visit.  Sedation reduces fatigue of long dental visits.
  • You have a fear/anxiety of dental procedures/needles
  • You have had a traumatic dental experience in the past


Lafayette Dental Arts monitors your vital signs during the entire visit and requires that you have an escort to and from your dental visit.If you have been avoiding the dentist because you have a dental phobia, call Lafayette Dental Arts, we can put you at ease.  Schedule an appointment today and get your oral health back on track.  We want your visit to be as pleasant as possible.

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