Fri, Feb 23, 2018
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Porcelain Crowns


A porcelain crown is a tooth shaped restoration that is placed over a diseased tooth.Porcelain crowns are custom made to match the shape, size and color of the existing teeth. Porcelain crowns can be solid porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain fused to metal is one of the strongest types of natural tooth looking crowns and are typically recommended for posterior teeth that consume the force of chewing. However, porcelain/zirconium crowns are showing great promise for this application. Match crowns color to teeth

A porcelain crown is a type of dental restoration that is utilized when teeth :

  • Contain large fillings that are degrading
  • Are:

* Crooked
* Chipped
* Cracked

  • Have bleach-resistant stains
  • Have had root canal treatment
  • Need added support to stabilize a partial denture

Porcelain crowns are usually recommended over other treatment options when the patient has a strong bite. Porcelain crowns are more durable and less susceptible to chipping or cracking than other treatment options.


The Process

Porcelain crowns are custom made and usually require two visits. During the first visit the dentist will take multiple impressions of the tooth that requires a crown. The molds are utilized to create a temporary and the porcelain crown. Next, a small amount of the tooth surface is removed to offset the thickness of the porcelain crown, an accurate impression of this preparation is taken, and then the temporary crown is inserted to protect the tooth.

The second visit, the dentist removes the temporary crown, cleans the tooth, and inserts the porcelain crown. After checking the bite and ensuring a perfect fit, the porcelain crown is cemented to the tooth.

Porcelain crowns may last 10 or more years with proper oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings.


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